Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"It's Something Unpredictable"

Whew! It’s all over, I think. Well, for this semester in any case. It’s funny, though. I’ve never quite enjoyed school as much as I am now. I’m learning some truly remarkable things. It makes me look forward to my future. Awesome.

Anyway, I understand the blogging has been sparse; however, I assure you that I’m back. There are a lot of things that I’ve failed to blog about that are important to me because of my hectic semester. As it turns out, taking four classes, doing an assistantship, and helping teach was tolerable. I guess it’s just because I’m enjoying it all. It looks like my GPA will be fruitful, also.

So here are some of the things that I want to make my priority this summer. First off, I want to make sure I read a lot. There are a lot of…well… YA books that I feel that I’m obliged to read as a future high-school English teacher. And to be honest, they all seem like they’re going to be pretty Rad, anyway.

Also, given my interests in technology and the teaching of English, I’ll be talking a little about Second Life (See picture above). I’ve been doing extensive research on it, and I’d love to tell you folks (DAVE, you skeptic) about what the REAL deal is. So, I’ll take you on a journey or two in the next couple of days. I’m not a big video-gamer or anything, but I see potential in this. Also, I went to a couple lectures and see that a lot of higher-Ed. people are buzzing about it. And… who knew! Steve’s in SL, also. I’m being vague intentionally. I don’t want to spoil future posts.

One of my really good friends, Eddie, is moving to Florida in a couple of days. I’m happy for him because it seems that he is genuinely excited about the up-coming experience; although, he is scared of crocodiles, and I’m not sure if Florida is the best place to go to avoid them. I guess it really doesn’t matter… if things go according to plan, he’ll only be there for a year or two, and then we’ll be moving to California to form our own little version of Entourage. That’ll be sweet.

So if you get the chance, you might want to go out of your way to meet Eddie before he moves away. This way, when he’s famous, you’ll be able to say you once knew “the man.” Oh, yeah, also, if you think “E” is pretty cool too, then you should find me; that’s right, that’s going to be me. Inquire within for the positions of Johnny Drama and Turtle. I’m the manager so applications go through me, kids.

Paul Shirley’s book came out yesterday, and I really need to get it. What a great writer...



Kathleeeeeeeen said...

I have a TON of YA novels I have had to read the last year for classes. So if you don't want to buy them you can borrow them from the tower of a bookcase I have. You can see them all Friday!!!

Congrats on the ending of the semester!

Steven said...

Hey man! I got the island land manager to come over and take care of the missle silos that got left behind. We are still left with a magic carpet that I don't know how to fly... I tried though. I still don't know your email... mine is

Steven said...

read my post about how John McCain's myspace got hacked... LOL